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Passive fire protection survey's can form part of, or can be an extension to, a fire risk assessment which is a legal requirement. Passive fire protection features restrict the spread of fire and smoke through the flammability of linings, compartmentation of the building and protection of the structural integrity of the building. Our specialist passive fire safety consultant (NAPFIS) Accredited, can conduct surveys which are undertaken with essential key elements, smoke containment this covers the initial stages of any fire related scenario and will contain smoke and the fire allowing staff, residents, tenants and visitors to evacuate the building safely. Each report is tailored to the client and observations would be made for passive fire installations (if incorrect installation as per pictured below), wall lining materials, fire doors, fire barrier curtains, Fire Stopping and fire resistant walls, ceilings, Riser cupboards, Roof voids and floors. Fire is a very hostile environment and could have a catastrophic effect without the correct passive fire protection and fire doors! 


Why us?

Steve Wiltshire is a NAPFIS Registered/Accredited Surveyor, The Nationwide Association of Passive Fire Installers and Specifiers.

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